My 2010 Globe Live 3

I bought this wonderful Globe Live 3 bicycle for my dog Angel and I back in 2010. Specialized had recently acquired the bike company Globe, and they unfortunately decided to discontinue these wonderful bikes.

101007-live3kitch  101007-live3dash

Perhaps the slickest thing of all was the little baseball card-sized frame at the headtube, so you could insert a photo or other suitable figurehead on the bow of your bicycle. 101007-live3badge

Globe also included bosses on the frame for touring luggage and for mounting this AXA Defender frame lock from Holland. (Click for more info on the Axa.) It’s like a car in that the key must be in the ignition for the wheels to roll. Someone could indeed still pick up the whole bike and throw it in a pickup truck, but for supervised quick-stops to the market, it has done the job well so far. I also regularly use the AXA cable which inserts into this lock.101007-live3axa

The color-matched dogbed was a happy accident. I gave them the dimensions I wanted when ordering it from the pet shop across the street, and it matches so well that people ask me where I got the dog bike from.  Angel wasn’t too impressed at first, but after a few rides, she would always walk up to me on the bike and jump up for me to pick her up and put her in the bed.101007-live3ang 101007-live3



The Globe has been a great commuter & grocery bike over the years, and I’ve experimented with different bars, different tires, different pedals, and gearing. The stock 46-tooth chainring (err… beltring) was too small. I soon learned that the downside to a belt-drive is that you cannot simply change the beltring, you must also buy a longer belt to accommodate it. 130520c-globe-gates-sprocke
I had a spare Dura Ace 7800 crankset (the most beautiful crankset ever made IMO) laying around, so I ordered a Phil Wood outboard bottom bracket for it, and a 50-tooth beltring that bolted directly to the 7800. The belt lined up perfectly, so I didn’t even need the chainring spacers I’d bought for the job. 130520-globe-gates-sprocket 130520a-globe-gates-sprocke

Angel was no stranger to two wheelers. She’d ridden hundreds of thousands of miles with me over the years on motorcycles, so this was pretty pedestrian for my little grisled road warrior.110611-bikeang

Here are some pics of Angel motorcycling.Angeldog on W650 Motorcycle


Sadly, she passed on 7/27/2015, so now I ride everywhere alone. I sure do miss my little Muffinhead.120831-globeheadbadge

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