Sneakin’ Terah Through the Sierras: Jul 31 – Aug 3, 2014

I wanted to show Terah some of the great swimming holes I’d found earlier this month, so we took a trip up the 395, stopping at Gus’ Really Good Beef Jerky. (Can you spot the Barrel Harbor octopus?)140731-chr-bh1-gusjerky

Swimming hole #1: Diaz Lake wasn’t the best spot. It was full of water skiers and powerboats, and the water was milky & murky. Also too many normals running around to leave our swimsuits packed.140731-chr-diazlake 140731-ter-diazlake

Swimming hole #2:  Keohe’s mineral hotsprings is always a great stop, especially after crossing the hot desert on a motorcycle. But the water is slightly chlorinated, and it’s always got people. 140731-chr-keohes

But sometimes the people are interesting. Terah had a nice conversation in the hotpool with a lady from the LA area.140731-ter-keohes3

But the cool pool always beckons.140731-ter-keohes1 140731-ter-keohes

Swimming hole #3:  We were pleased to see that Lake Sabrina’s water level had come up so much, but the water was pretty chilly.140801-canoe-sabrina

When I visited here last year, I was able to ride my mountainbike out to this rocky island in the lake. 140801-ter-sabrina140801-chr-sabrina



140801-chr-canoe-sabrina 140801-chr-canoe-sabrina1  140801-chr-sabrina-spot 140801-ter-canoe-sabrina  140801-ter-sabrina-spot 140802-ter-canoe-sabrina